On the basis of your priorities Provectus offers various collaboration models which the most according to our clients’ goals. We always pay close attention to understanding of what exactly you need, and only choose the kind of collaboration that will provide the maximum return on your IT investment.

Project Team Augmentation

Provectus IT enables clients to quickly augment their product development and support resources with the talent located in our product development centers, thus effectively extending their resources to a global level while building product engineering teams that specialize in specific markets and technologies: enterprise software, mobile, web, TV or cloud computing.

Provectus IT provides full life-cycle of application software development with Fixed Price, Time&Material or mixed business models.

Offshore Staffing

Offshore staffing enables companies that already have local development and support teams to quickly access and apply global engineers on a project basis.

Through this engagement model, clients can integrate talented global engineers into discrete projects that are "time-boxed" and require specific market or technology expertise.

Our product engineers can rapidly address client’s short-term product development or support requirements.

Offshore Development Center

Provectus IT ODC offering rapidly sets up and puts into operations an offshore product development center for companies that lack product engineering or product support teams.

With ODC approach clients gain the benefit of the dedicated engineering team fully integrated with the rest of the client organization producing successful long-term relationships.

The offering enables clients to extend their core product development capabilities and leverage top talent while preserving the integrity of their culture and product development processes.

T&M assumes
  • No defined scope up front
  • Add / remove features easily
  • Personnel selection
  • Flexible team size
Fixed Price assumes
  • Completely defined scope
  • Budget known in advance
  • Fixed timeframes
  • Fixed team
ODC assumes
  • Dedicated team
  • Full control over hiring process
  • Long-term engagements
  • T&M or Cost+ models