Cloud Computing

We provide two types of Cloud Services: cloud engineering based on Amazon, Windows, Huawei Symantec, Google and Apple and custom cloud services for the client's specific requirements. Clouds help maximize the ROI, in addition to allowing enterprises get access to the right resources.

Nowadays, many R&D software vendors look into integrating cloud systems as a way to streamline the performance, accountability and efficiency to its existing solutions, and give more IT capabilities to its workforce.

For clients looking for engineering and architectural know-how “in the cloud”, we offer any of the following options:

Migration to the cloud. This is an ideal model for clients who already have an existing solution, but want to seamlessly move it to the “cloud”. We’ll use Software-as-a-Product (SaaP) solution that would let access the application by thousands of simultaneous users through browser on any device.

Full development cycle from ground up on a Cloud Platform. We offer this model when the client is looking for a team capable of integrating a complete Cloud system as a target solution.

Working with the "cloud" solutions allows you to maximize your economies of scale by managing the company more productively at the lowest cost. Your software can be run from the "cloud” and the addition of new applications will not slow down the data processing speed. Documents, records, and your web pages can be stored in the "cloud”. Any additions of data will not create a single glitch in the storage.

Cloud Services